Master Portrait Artist, Gary Woods, specializes in Wedding, Engagement and Bridal portraits for that all important occasion when you say “I Do”.

“Through the ages, wordsmiths have touched hearts, inflamed passions, and “launched a thousand ships”.

Musicians warm hearts, send the human spirit soaring and give comfort to the lonely. Visual artists use their talents and their hearts to create a beautiful world in two dimensions.

It is my aim to populate that beautiful world with your family, your children… or you!”

If the family is the cornerstone of society, the beginnings of a new family are the building blocks. A couple needs to start their life together with portraits and albums that capture the flowering of romance and the two becoming one. Portrait art is something immaculate and to be held in an immaculate light. Light, location, subject, content, and contrast are all a part of what one might consider in their portrait. We take portrait art to a level one can only experience. Listen to how we begin planning your experience by clicking this link and get started today on the art you dream of in your home.

Our deepest desires are threefold:
1. To create portraits that speak volumes about who you are, who you imagine yourself to be, or who you dream to become.
2. To cultivate life-long relationships and developing clients into friends.
3. To provide legendary service in every facet of our professional relationships.

Achieving these goals lead to our greater goal of making our lives meaningful and lived to the fullest.

Gary travels the country for bridal and wedding portraiture. Gary resides in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee and finds the backdrops of the Smokies to be a wonderful backdrop. If you are planning a wedding in Tennessee, contact Master Photographer Gary Woods at 865-429-3616.